Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bridgwater Forward – Report of meeting held on Tuesday 17th August

Members of Bridgwater Forward confirmed their position at a meeting held on Tuesday 17th August that Bridgwater’s new pool should be built in the town centre, not outside the town as part of the re-building of Chilton Trinity School ( under the Government’s private finance project: “Building Schools for the Future”) Apart from the health and safety factors involved in adding traffic to an already congested route, why should Sedgemoor taxpayers pay for a pool which the Council will not ultimately manage, and where the community will have to share use with the school?

A Bridgwater Forward petition has been prepared calling for plans to build the pool at Chilton Trinity to be abandoned in favour of a town centre site. This is to counter claims from Sedgemoor District Council that only a minority of people want a town centre pool.

Members of Bridgwater Forward will be at Wembdon Village Fete on Monday 30th August, with leaflets and petition, to ask members of the public for their views.

The next meeting of Bridgwater Forward is on Tuesday 31st August, 7.30pm, at the Unity Club, Dampiet Street, Bridgwater. Tel. 01278 450562 for further details


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  2. This could be the last chance we get to replace Splash with a new pool and leisure centre on the Northgate site.