Tuesday, April 24, 2012



Only the people of Bridgwater can stop a giant 24-hour TESCO ruining OUR Brewery Field, demolishing OUR historic Northgate, grid-locking OUR town, and closing many of OUR remaining local independent small town centre shops & market. 


In the next few months TESCO will apply for formal planning permission for a Northgate super-store. Sedgemoor District council & Somerset County Council, are selling OUR land to TESCO. They will NOT be objecting!

TESCO are buying the whole site: Blake Hospital, Enterprise Centre, the Splash site, and the Brewery Field. Once in their hands, OUR prime town centre green space will be gone forever!

1. Keep and enhance the Brewery Field as a prime green corridor between the docks and town centre where people walk dogs and children play.

2. Keep historic Blake Hospital and refurbish it for town centre community use

3. Develop the Splash site for a community-owned leisure and music complex: cinema, concert hall, skating rink, bowling alley and, yes, a family-friendly swimming pool!
4. Give OUR town centre shops a massive vote of confidence by denying TESCO the chance to put many of them out of business.
Sedgemoor Council admits that ASDA has done nothing for Eastover!
TESCO is a business without any local roots whatsoever: it has responsibilities only to ITSELF. Its profits will go to people who do not live here.

Please join the BRIDGWATER FORWARD campaign to save our town centre


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  1. Romsey in Hampshire support you 100%. The majority of the town folk of Romsey are equally opposed to Tesco, who are about to apply for planning permission on our Fairground Field at the entrance to the stately home of Broadlands Estate, former home of Lord Louis Mountbatten! This is on the ‘other side’ of a by-pass where it will be highly unlikely that shoppers will venture the 10 minute walk into this lovely market town. Another ghost town in the making. Can we help each other? Do you have information and ideas that we can use? Perhaps we have thoughts, ideas campaign structure that you can benefit from as well? Is there somewhere a national campaign support group as this seems to be happening in a great number of places? Could we all somehow band together and get the monopolies commission on board? Could we pool our petitions? Just some thoughts and ideas that maybe can open some productive dialogue?
    Jill Diamond Romsey resident and opposer of Tesco ruining our towns!Jill Diamond Romsey resident and opposer of Tesco ruining our towns!

  2. We are in the same position in Maidenhead, Tesco are trying to open a store in our pub, close to local Schools. The traffic would be deadly. Estimated an extra 1000 cars/lorries a day!!
    Take a look at our website www.savetheharp.co.uk