Thursday, May 3, 2012

Campaigning for a Better Bridgwater

Bridgwater Forward invites all concerned residents who oppose the development of a massive superstore within the centre of our historic town to be aware that TESCO will be submitting their planning application shortly.  

The Northgate site has been the centre of much controversy and Bridgwater residents continue to express dismay over the loss of the ‘SPLASH’ swimming pool, which was demolished on the Northgate Site to make way for its sale to TESCO. 

consider investing in leisure facilities

 Many now claim that they were kept in the dark, especially since it has emerged that EDF confirmed to Senior Officers within Sedgemoor District Council, in a letter dated 8th July 2009, that they were prepared to consider investing in leisure facilities, such as the SPLASH, if planning permission was granted for new nuclear power stations at Hinkley Point. 

Instead of welcoming such an investment, our council decided to close the “SPLASH” and demolish it.  It now appears that TESCO have no intention of building the massive superstore on the former “SPLASH” site itself and many can only wonder why the council reduced the “SPLASH” to rubble quickly, before appeals could be made to review and reverse its decision at the time.

green space

Many people who live in our Historic Town have continually campaigned that instead of yet another supermarket development, they would like to see other options considered, such as a multi-purpose leisure complex, incorporating an ice-rink to be included on the Northgate site whilst keeping as much green space as possible for future generations to enjoy.

It is not too late to make a difference and we ask that you make a stand and take action when the planning application has been formally submitted.

To find out more about driving Bridgwater Forward, you are welcome to attend any of our Tuesday fortnightly meetings.  

The Railway Club
Wellington Road

 7.15pm for 7:30 Start

 8th  & 22nd May 2012

 Further Information Contact:  Dave Chapple on 01278 – 45 05 62


  1. Tesco is the greatest company in the world. I can't wait til they arrive in Bridgwater.

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