Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Tesco’s plan to build a massive and unnecessary supermarket on the Brewery Fields is on the move and Bridgwater Forward is urging local people to prepare to make formal objections.
A pre-planning application has been submitted for council officials’ initial comments. Tesco will then submit a formal planning application to the Council’s Planning Committee, rumoured to coincide with the end of August holidays.

As more green spaces in town centres disappear, along with sports and playing fields, Bridgwater Forward is campaigning to raise awareness of the effect the sale of the Brewery Field to a huge corporation will have on our community and landscape, both now and in the future.

The Government’s recently published National Planning Policy Framework gives specific guidelines to protect green spaces and minimize the effect of development on biodiversity. Green spaces must be proved to be surplus to requirement, before they can be developed. Any loss of open space should be replaced by the equivalent in area and quality

 The proposed development of Northgate will also mean the demolition of the Enterprise Centre, the former hospital wing of the Bridgwater Workhouse and some forty trees, including cedar, walnuts, lime, field and Norway maples, home to nesting birds and a safe food source for bees.

For more information and guidelines on how to prepare a formal objection contact Bridgwater Forward on 01278 450562 or 450095. 

Find us on our website at http://bridgwaterforward.blogspot.co.uk or on Facebook: "Save Bridgwater Town Centre"

The next meeting of Bridgwater Forward is at 7pm on Tuesday 24th July at the Railway Club, Wellington Road, Bridgwater

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