Friday, July 27, 2012


Eastover 'in the olden days'
Members of campaign group Bridgwater Forward welcomed representatives of traders in Eastover to their meeting last week, to discuss problems and solutions for independent traders in Bridgwater.

In spite of being overshadowed by ASDA, threatened by the possibility of a super-sized Tesco and surrounded by boarded-up premises, Eastover traders still manage to offer an amazing variety of retail outlets, along with excellent service.


Sedgemoor District Council and the Bridgwater Retail Initiative should  consult with and represent the interests of independent traders more effectively, rather than focusing on large stores and supermarkets.

Bridgwater Forward is urging people to contact Post Offices Ltd and ask for the Post Office in Bridgwater to re-locate to Eastover rather than to Sainsbury’s store. This will to help lead to a re-generation of a retail area competing with ASDA.

 'Clean up Eastover'

 A “Clean-up Eastover” campaign was also discussed, and the group will approach Sedgemoor District Council about this.

Above all, Bridgwater Forward urges local people to respect and use their local shops. Said one member: “ For fresh bread, cakes and flowers, good second-hand furniture and books, great food and pubs, and all your “do-it-yourself “ requirements, you can’t do better than Eastover, so let’s use them, so we don’t lose them”.

NEXT MEETING OF BRIDGWATER FORWARD: Tuesday 7th August, 7pm, Railway Club, Wellington Road, Bridgwater

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