Monday, November 26, 2012


The local plan says: “Tesco’s wealth
Is less important than our health

Green spaces must be allowed to stay
So children have somewhere to play”.

They ask our view of planning laws
And we say “No more superstores!”

Yet councillors look the other way
When they find Tesco willing to pay

To ruin our town, our heritage.
No wonder we’re in such a rage!

Consider, then, how people’s need
Is sacrificed to corporate greed

Your friendly local butchers’ shop
Trembling, awaits the Tesco chop

For Tesco are the bully boys
They’ll tell you where to buy your toys

And fridges, knickers, petrol, rice
All at a quite amazing price

But when the smaller shops have ceased
Guess what? Prices will be increased

They’ll bring us jobs you cry, they must!
Well, not if other shops go bust

Councillors cry – no other way
You’ve seen the bills we have to pay!

Yes – we saw how much it cost to destroy
The Splash, our much missed pride and joy

We’ve lost tourists and revenue to our town
No wonder shops are closing down

We know what brings visitors to our door
It isn’t supermarkets, that’s for sure

Because we’ve got six at this minute
Another makes no sense now, innit?

They say the developer is King
And superstores a wonderful thing

We say our town means more to us
Than being part of Tesco’s surplus

We want to keep our docks and green.
Scoops, Sarah’s Dairy, Aclands mean

More to us than a shopping mall
With Tesco products wall to wall

So, wake up Bridgwater, wake up and yell
Tell Tesco they can go to hell


A poem by Glen Burrows

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