Saturday, November 3, 2012


Tesco’s application to build a massive Tesco Extra on the Northgate site has finally been officially registered. It’s vitally important that members of the public submit objections NOW – this can be done on-line from the Council’s web-site( , or in writing to the Case Officer, Rebecca Miller (all details are on the web-site)
The public has until 30th November to comment on the application. Go to the Sedgemoor District Council web-site, and then go to the Planning section. The Tesco Planning Application Number is 08/12/00168, or you can find it by just ticking on the box for Weekly Lists

You can also find advice here about how to comment on an application, and the things that the Planning Committee will take into account:

 The things you can comment on are:

• National, Regional and Local Planning Policy and guidance.
• The appearance and character of the area or street, including the design and
materials of buildings, landscaping and tree loss,
• Other environmental issues (e.g. noise),
• Traffic generation and road safety,
• Impact of the building on its neighbours (e.g. overshadowing, overlooking or
loss of privacy),
• Effects on the landscape and the need to protect the open countryside.
• If you are not opposed in principle to a proposal but believe that restrictions
should be placed on the development (e.g. hours of working, appropriate materials)
then you may wish to suggest conditions that Sedgemoor District Council could
impose on any consent.

Issues the Case Officer can’t include when assessing an application, are:
• Civil matters such as land ownership, private rights of way and restrictive
covenants. These are usually private matters on which objectors may need to
get legal advice.
• The fact that development may have already begun. If permission is refused
the Council has powers to have the matter rectified.
• Matters that fall within other legislation, for example, building regulations
or consent to discharge into a watercourse.
• Loss of an attractive view from a private property.
• The fear that an objector’s house may be devalued. You should focus your
comments on why the proposal could result in a loss of value to a private

Have a look at the detailed plans, in case you hadn’t realised what a massive building this will be, and the existing buildings and green space which will have to disappear.

Don’t let Tesco get away with destroying our Town Centre

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