Thursday, August 30, 2012

2,400 name signature adds to Post Office woes

Hero of the Day-Ken Trunks (pic Andy Slocombe)
Hero of the day, Ken Trunks, has spent the best part of the last few weeks out on the streets of Bridgwater getting signatures for a petition to oppose the Post Offices proposed move to Sainsbury's.  With only a week to go until the consultation ended, Ken turned up at the Town Council's specially called meeting on Post Office relocation and presented in person 2,400 names to the man who will make the final decision, Mr Tony Jones.

Bridgwater Forward members attending the meeting  were at the forefront of the grilling given to Mr Jones with no single dissenting voice in the room.

Sally Jones, Chair of Bridgwater Forward,  said "They have chosen a site on the Clink which is so difficult for the disabled to access " 
Glen Burrows said "No one believed supermarkets  were the best option as Post Offices needed skilled workers. She also asked why  this valuable and unique service was being thrown on the mercy of market forces when other towns the size of Bridgwater had dedicated crown Post Offices". She further asked whether it was a level playing field with potential small businesses being priced out of the market by large multinationals.
Bob Cudlipp asked for other locations to be considered and asked where they had looked so far.
Nick Gibson asked if the decision had already been made  and "was there a smiling face behind the smokescreen?" 
   Tony Jones assured him that "No final decision has been made yet" he said he would listen and a decision would be taken by the end of september.
The consultation ends on the 5th September and people are urged now to make their submissions.
Telephone 08457223344
Write National Consultation team PO Box 1138 St Albans AL19UN


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