Monday, October 22, 2012


Tesco’s much delayed planning application to build a monster store on the Brewery Fields has finally been submitted to Sedgemoor District Council.  Or has it?

An application was received some weeks ago and council officers and councillors have certainly met with Tesco to look at the details of the application, but there is nothing on the Council’s website, and no Planning Notice has been issued to the local press.  A deathly silence has descended, and Bridgwater Forward issues a challenge to Sedgemoor District Council to let the public know what is going on.
It  turns out that Sedgemoor DC have been in talks with Tesco since 2005.  Very few councillors knew about this until recently. Once again, this matter is shrouded in uncertainty and secrecy. Why?
Because both Tesco and Sedgemoor know that there will be enormous opposition to the application, which has caused the loss of our town centre swimming pool and involves the sale of a major town-centre open space into private ownership.
Said Bridgwater Forward Chair Sally Jones: “ Are they hoping people will be too busy with Carnival and Christmas to bother objecting to the proposals? Come on Sedgemoor, tell us what is going on. When are you going to publicise this application so the public has a chance to comment?”
In a recent survey of Bridgwater shoppers carried out by Bridgwater Forward, 61% said they would refuse to shop at Tesco.

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  1. I really hope people stick with their guns though, you can be sure that most of those 68% will be shopping there within a few months, that's the sad part...

  2. I will go on record as saying I'm looking forward to Tesco making a return to Bridgwater. I live within 5 minutes walk of the proposed store.

  3. No thanks, Tesco. Why on Earth would we need another supermarket? Food is food, for God sake, just a different package. Think Tesco give a crap? Well look at their stance on animal welfare, for one. They care only about money so don't be fooled by their lies. I'm strongly opposed.